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FREE Three-Day Journaling Challenge: This challenge takes one of the segments of the Get Started Journaling! course and breaks it down even further.

If you’ve ever wanted to start journaling, but never got around to it or started and promptly quit, this three-day challenge is for you!

I break down the common barriers we put in our own way that keeps us from beginning and maintaining the journaling practice we want. Each day has journal prompts to help you discover the barriers you are putting up to keep you from establishing your journaling practice.

Get Started Journaling! Course: With this course you will get:

  • almost an hour of videos, broken up into six short segments to allow you to work on your schedule!
  • Journal prompts that go along with each video!
  • Journal Prompts ebook with 21 more journal prompts!
  • A bonus video!

The first two videos are designed to help you identify any barriers you are putting in your own way and the next four will ease you into the process of journaling. This course is the one I wish I had when I was trying to start my journaling practice.

Image of Journal Prompt Cover

Get Started Journaling! Journal Prompts only: Get 21 journal prompts in this download! Each prompt is designed to help you think deeper about a topic, situation, or goal. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, right? You’ll be well on your way to your own journaling practice after you complete these prompts!

These prompts are included in the Get Started Journaling Course! If you would rather take the course, please register here!

$4.99 USD You will get a PDF (665KB) file

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