You have the power within you to make changes in how you show up for yourself and the world around you.


… you find yourself wanting to do things, but you just keep putting it off.

… you decide you are going to do something, so you begin, but never follow through.

… you create/do the thing, but it is just never good enough.

I totally get it!

I dubbed myself the Queen of Procrastination in grad school because I would wait until hours (maybe even one hour) before an assignment was due and then would write furiously to get it done. It’s not that I didn’t want to do the assignment exactly, I just couldn’t get started.

If I did start a project – something not assigned to me with a specific deadline, I would never finish it. It is why I have so many partial stories and poems in my computer files (and scribbled on scraps of paper).

Sometimes I would actually finish a project, but rarely would I share it with anyone because I didn’t want their judgment of my creation. Especially, if I kind of liked it. I knew they would find fault in it because clearly, I am an amateur.

You can change your approach!

Imagine getting started on a project right away, leaving yourself time to relax before a deadline.

Imagine finishing a project and basking in the rays of your accomplishment.

Imagine sharing your work with others knowing it isn’t perfect, but it is absolutely good enough.

Journaling is alchemy, transforming procrastination and perfectionism into action and generosity. If you want to experience the magic, please join me for:

27 August 2022, 9:30-10:30

A live, virtual workshop designed to help you create the journaling practice that will work for you within the parameters of your existing life, quietly making magic in the background, until one day you look back and see how far you’ve come since you began.

I didn’t understand the power of journaling when I first began my practice. I wanted a practice for the wrong reasons – because all the famous writers I knew kept a journal. I discovered the magic almost against my will.

In this workshop…

We’ll explore what you need in order to create and sustain a journaling practice that will help you flourish.

We’ll talk about what to write when you get stuck. Some days it seems like there is nothing to write about, but something will usually surface.

We’ll discuss what it means to have accountability and self-compassion, which will serve you not only in your journaling practice, but also in other areas of your life.

We’ll do some journaling – with prompts provided.


BONUS #1: You’ll get a download of even more journaling prompts to help you keep up your practice.

BONUS #2: You’ll get a list of books and resources collected just for you.

$19 USD

What people are saying…


“I always come away from our talks so inspired!”


“Thank you for asking me the hard questions.”


“Your journaling course has really helped me!”

A little about me…

I wanted a journaling practice so bad – for the wrong reasons. I wanted one because all the writers I knew seemed to also be journalers. If I wanted to be a writer, then surely I must need to be a journaler, too! I would start journaling and then stop. Start and stop. It became almost comical because I started and stopped with such consistency!

Then, I was introduced to a few journalers who didn’t journal only to document but journaled for change. I evaluated my approach to journaling. Once I began journaling as a means to discover myself, it was no longer a chore, and I journaled every day, consistently. And as I journaled, I got good at asking the hard questions and answering them. I began noticing changes in myself. Changes I want to see other people feel empowered to make if they feel called to.

I don’t say it lightly when I call my journaling practice magic. It is my messy magic.

Get Started Journaling is for you if…

You’re ready to challenge some of the thought patterns you’ve noticed holding onto.

You’re ready to begin asking yourself some hard questions.

You’re ready to make some changes in how you show up for yourself and those around you.

This workshop is not for you if…

You are not ready to face yourself.

You are not ready to make changes.

You are looking for a way to avoid therapy. See more in FAQs below.

Once you give yourself permission to step outside your comfort zone and register, you’ll receive a few emails from me:

  1. A receipt sent from PayHip.
  2. An email thanking you for joining me on this exquisite journey.
  3. An email reminder with the Zoom link 1-2 days before the workshop.
  4. An email reminder with the Zoom link about an hour before the workshop.
  5. A thank you email with a replay of the workshop sent by the following Monday.


When is it?

27 August 2022 at 9:30 – 10:30 am CDT.

Where is it?

Anywhere you are with an internet connection! We’ll be meeting over Zoom.

Will I have to share what a wrote from journal prompts?

Absolutely not. I will ask if anyone wants to share, but please do not feel pressured to. I always hated that in workshops.

How fast will I see changes?

Journaling is not an immediate problem solver. Sometimes we are hit with something powerful quickly, but often it takes time to unravel the layers of protection we’ve enveloped ourselves in. It is a process.

Can I do this instead of therapy?

This is not a question I can answer for you. If you feel like you need to see a therapist, please seek one out and keep looking until you find someone you are comfortable with. I am not a therapist. It is also possible that in the process of journaling, you may decide a therapist would be beneficial on your journey. Again, please seek one out that you are comfortable with.

Do I have to journal every day?

We will discuss this more in the workshop, but the short answer is no.

What if I don’t like journaling?

Perhaps it is the way you approach journaling that is the problem? If it really is that you don’t like journaling, we’ll discuss a few alternatives in the workshop. Most of the workshop will be focused on journaling words in a notebook, though.

What if I can’t make it?

I will send a replay of the workshop to all participants by the following Monday, so don’t worry if you can’t make the live event.

Are you ready to join me?

$19 USD

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