Not a Writing Advice Podcast


Not a Writing Advice Podcase was born out of the idea that I wanted to create a space for the journey of owning the title of writer and the title of entrepreneur. I might share advice about writing, but it is not from the place of “you should do this,” it is from the place of “this is what I did and thought I would share.”


In the last episode, I mentioned that I was going to cut back to every other week instead of weekly episodes. I have now decided to place the podcast on pause for a while. My podcast is hosted by Anchor, which is owned by Spotify, so I cannot in good conscious continue putting out content on that platform for now. To be clear: this is not about censorship. I am 100% against censorship. Spotify has chosen to financially invest in a podcast that does harm. That is their choice. And it is my choice to not be a part of that.

Season 2

S2 E4 – Failure and Reflection

S2 E3 – Building Habits

S2 E2 – Tiny Habits

S2 E1 – Setting goals from a place of compassion.

Season 1

S1 E19: End of the season 2021

S1 E18: Mini-courses made for you!

S1 E17: Ideas to help you fill a blank page.

S1 E16: My writing process progress

S1 E15: Running Through My Thoughts Reading

S1 E14: Do we give away our self-worth?

S1 E13: The Value of a Book

S1 E12: Creative Community

S1 E11: Three Ways to Set Ourselves Up for Success

S1 E10: Conversation with Mary Silwance – Part Two

S1 E9: Conversation with Mary Silwance – Part One

S1 E8: Eclectic Creative

S1 E7: Developing a Writing Habit

S1 E6: Literature and Poetry are Art

S1 E5: Publishing and Marketing

S1 E4: One and Done

S1 E3: Journaling

S1 E2: Why EverydayScribe?

S1 E1: Why do I want a podcast?