Picture of a single bloom of fleabane with the words Full-Body Yes Fallacy written in blue over a transparent gray background

The Full-Body Yes Fallacy

Let’s chat for a moment about the Fallacy of the full-body yes. Lots of wellness gurus talk about the full-body yes. It is the idea that when you are standing in front of a decision, it is a no if it isn’t a full-body yes. If your immediate reaction to something isn’t excitement, then you […]

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Photo of books with the words, "What is the value of a Book?"

What is the Value of a Book?

As a writer and as a reader, I have been struggling with something. What is the value of a book? Of course I would say books are priceless, but what are we really willing to pay? Let me set the scene… Browsing along the shelves of a stationary shop on a cold January day, I

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Banned Books Week

I Stand with the Banned

Today marks the end of Banned Books Week 2019. While the week might be over, please do not stop reading. Books provide us a safe place to explore our world and our beliefs. We can get to know people and places without ever leaving our home. Books are magical and words are powerful. For the

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