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Stop Apologizing for Not Posting

I’m a writer, blogger, and poet, and I have a growing number of writers, bloggers, and poets in my circles, including on social media. Though you may not think it, there are a lot of word-based artists on the visual Instagram platform. I love reading the posts that go along with the images they provide. Many believe …

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Quote text: Can Motivational Quotes Be Harmful?

Can Motivational Quotes Be Harmful?

I once loved inspirational and motivational quotes. I read them, shared them, read them some more, and maybe wrote one or two of my own. But I have noticed a less motivational side of these quotes. I’m not talking about the roll-your-eyes kind of quote, though my eyes have rolled after reading plenty of them. …

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Weekend Chats: DJSumLove

“The basis of life is absolute freedom. The objective of life is absolute joy. The result of life is absolute growth.” ~Abraham Hicks If you hear boisterous laughter, you might be in the presence of Erin Bopp. Her bright smile and natural enthusiasm for life is contagious. A little bit Diva and a lot Hip …

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Your Story Matters

An interviewee for a future “Weekend Chats” asked me a question before we began. She asked: What do you hope to achieve by doing these interviews? My response was, “Well, you clearly didn’t read my blog,” and I laughed, but I responded with: I want to help lift others up. I want to tell the …

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A Little Silly Goes a Long Way

We can all do something to brighten someone’s day. My area of the world is under a stay at home order because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I fully support this order and believe social distancing is the only way to alleviate some of stresses on our health system, and more importantly, keep people safe, especially …

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