Picture of a single bloom of fleabane with the words Full-Body Yes Fallacy written in blue over a transparent gray background

The Full-Body Yes Fallacy

Let’s chat for a moment about the Fallacy of the full-body yes. Lots of wellness gurus talk about the full-body yes. It is the idea that when you are standing in front of a decision, it is a no if it isn’t a full-body yes. If your immediate reaction to something isn’t excitement, then you […]

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gray background with blue text: A note on mindset

A Note on “Mindset”

We often hear the word “mindset.” We need to change our mindset. If we change our mindset, then our life will change. Mindset is the key to happiness. I am not a fan of the word because, firstly, it is way overused, but also, it takes more than changing your mindset to invite growth and

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Grey text on blue background: Five things I wish I knew sooner

Five Things I Wish I Knew Sooner

After being introduced to books like Range by David Epstein and Think Again by Adam Grant, I couldn’t stop reading about the brain and how it works, the human condition, and how we interact with ourselves and each other.

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Picture of purple flowers with the text: Setting Goals from a Place of Self-Love

Setting Goals from a Place of Self-Love

Would our goals look different if we set them from a place of self-love rather than self-loathing? If we were compassionate to ourselves rather than believing there is something to fix about ourselves? We are moving into the time of year where people are quick to say things like, “New year, new you!” or “Become

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Pencil breaking with the text: Ways we set ourselves up for failure

Ways We Set Ourselves Up for Failure

And what to do instead. I have spent a lot of time trying and failing at things. Diets, exercise routines, writing practices, journaling, the list goes on and on. Things I said I wanted to do, but when I attempted to do them, I lacked the conviction and self-worth to follow through. It sounds harsh,

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