Distorted photo of contact lens case with the words: Through the Lens written in blue.

Through the Lens

He sat outside her house watching. It was his job to find out information on the woman. Every bit of information gathered provided him with more money. The person who wanted this information was, shall we say, motivated. She was willing to pay top dollar for good information, but could also be counted on for […]

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Photo of dark trees along a night sky

Night Forest in the Flint Hills

A short story The city melts away and large expanses of land fill my view as I speed down I-70 heading for a weekend in the Flint Hills. My library book rests on the passenger seat begging for me to open the cover to reveal the magic contained on the pages. Just me, a book,

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I’m too nice

I am too nice. I keep my opinions to myself. I smile and nod, You think I agree Though I may not. It’s called active listening, Perhaps you should try it. Too much talking; Not enough learning; Not enough understanding. So much, too much judgement. Where is our compassion? I have opinions, Several as a

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Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: The Window Part Three

Author’s Note: If you have not read The Window, or The Window Part Two, stop now and read those first. This installment will be here when you return.

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Books circling the words: Book Discussion Series: The Giver

Book Discussion Series: The Giver

If you decide to buy the book, you can support my work by using one of the affiliate links in this post. It will cost you nothing extra, but I will get a little something. Thank you! One of my favorite young adult novels is The Giver by Lois Lowry. I recently saw the movie

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