More Than Two Paths


Robert Frost would have us believe that there are only two paths (according to traditional thoughts about the famous poem). One that everyone follows and the other only a select few traverse. I always wanted to be one of the Continue reading More Than Two Paths

Fitness Update: Losing Weight

Fitness Update

Last year I discussed why I hate the word “diet.” The word is most often used to describe the latest trendy way to limit your body of calories to lose weight. Let me share with you the three reasons why Continue reading Fitness Update: Losing Weight

Stories of an Everyday Runner: Street Views

Stories of an Everyday Runner

My 10k training app said it was a Long Run day. When I see the words long run, I think 10 miles or more. Which is completely ridiculous, since I am training to run six, or 6.2 to be exact.

Fitness Update: By the Seat of my Pants

Fitness Update

There are few things I hate shopping for worse than pants. Most women might immediately respond with bathing suits, but I disagree. Life does not require bathing suits. You may not need one for years. But, pants, yeah, they are Continue reading Fitness Update: By the Seat of my Pants

Fitness Update: Unconventional Cross Training

Fitness Update

When I committed (again) to improve my overall fitness, my cousin encouraged me to take measurements. I’m glad she did! I measured my waist, hips, right thigh, and right bicep. I measured again a couple of days ago and I Continue reading Fitness Update: Unconventional Cross Training