photo of a candle glowing in a dark room with the text: Morning pages aren't just for Mornings.

Morning Pages Aren’t Just for Mornings

I don’t call my journaling practice “Morning Pages,” but that is the term introduced to me by Julia Cameron in her book, The Artist’s Way. And almost all the avid journalers I know all journal in the morning, citing all kinds of benefits to their daily writing by journaling first thing. It was never or rarely a nightly routine.

Blue background with the text: Not a Writing Advice Podcast

S2 E3: Building Habits

Show Notes Continuing our discussion about goals, we are talking about building habits. Specifically, how to link habits together and make them as easy as possible to establish and grow. I am always trying to make things harder than they need to be, so I am constantly reminding myself to keep it simple and easy. …

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Picture of a rainbow with the text: Creating Habits to Reach Your Goals

Creating Habits to Reach Your Goals

you want to do more of, make the process as easy as possible to achieve. Remove as many obstacles as you can that come up between you and your desired habit. And, sometimes, those obstacles are walls you are putting up yourself.

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