Why We Should All Hate the Word Diet

Why We Should All Hate the Word “Diet.”

Unhealthy eating has been linked to many medical issues, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but when we try to make better food choices we are often chastised instead of given support. Here are a few things I’ve heard when I tell someone I don’t want something because I am choosing to not eat sweets: “Just […]

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Weekend Chats: Smyelin With Whit

Whitney and I met in 2005, long before either of us would start writing online and a few years before she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. For the first article in the series, “Weekend Chats,” I asked Whitney a few questions about her life now. What struck me most from her responses is her optimism.

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It’s that time of year again.

In just a few hours we will usher in a new year. A new year to be a new you. This year you’ll wipe the slate clean and start fresh. It’s time to start saving money, lose weight, be better at…fill in the blank. I gave up New Year’s resolutions a long time ago and

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My Healthy Living Challenge

My Healthy Living Challenge

Today is my fourth day of running. Let’s take a moment to celebrate that, because we should celebrate accomplishments. Yay! Woohoo! (Yes, I just woohooed) Thank you! You might be asking why we are celebrating four days of running when I have written other posts about being a runner. You might have read about how

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