Gift Giving Just Because

Gift Giving Just Because

The countdown is on. Christmas is almost here. Do you have your gifts bought? Yeah. Me neither. It’s not that I don’t love giving gifts. I do. But when social conventions dictate a gift, I suddenly hate giving them. There are tons of places you can find gift giving advice and ideas and they are …

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A Little Thanksgiving Celebration

A Little Thanksgiving Celebration

We all know the origin of Thanksgiving. We have heard the story about the European settlers to the New World and how the Indigenous people helped them to adapt by teaching them how to grow food in their new environment. When the settlers reaped a great harvest, they shared their table with those that supported …

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A Bad Fence Made a Good Neighbor

I love windy days. Especially windy days in the fall when leaves rain down from trees and run down the street in unison. The air is just warm enough to hold the promise of a storm. Today was one of those wonderful windy fall days. As much as I love the wind, I must respect …

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