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S2 E3: Building Habits

Show Notes Continuing our discussion about goals, we are talking about building habits. Specifically, how to link habits together and make them as easy as possible to establish and grow. I am always trying to make things harder than they need to be, so I am constantly reminding myself to keep it simple and easy. …

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Setting Goals from a Place of Self-Love

Would our goals look different if we set them from a place of self-love rather than self-loathing? If we were compassionate to ourselves rather than believing there is something to fix about ourselves? We are moving into the time of year where people are quick to say things like, “New year, new you!” or “Become …

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Mindful about motivational quotes

Mindful About Motivational Quotes

“If you have time to scroll on social media, you have time to write.” I say, “No” to that. This quote and others like it often made me feel bad about spending my time on social media, mindlessly scrolling through the lives of others. Or sitting in front of the television watching whatever show was …

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Literature and Poetry Are Art

Literature and Poetry are Art

My students came to me with limited knowledge of literature. It wasn’t their field of study, but they needed a class like mine to graduate. They knew what they liked, and they loved to read, but they often didn’t know a metaphor from a simile or how to spot symbolism within the narrative. I didn’t …

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How I Try to Tame the Shrieking Eel Otherwise Known as My Inner Critic

If you’ve seen or read The Princess Bride, you might be familiar with the shrieking eels. They shriek loudest just when they are about to do the most harm.  The same is true for our inner critic. It also yells the loudest when it is going to do the most harm. It tells us we are …

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