Clearly, I’m Not Cool

Celebrities are people, right? They may be more well-known because of their profession, but still just people. It’s a little silly to get star struck over seeing another person. I wouldn’t act weird around a celebrity. I would be cool. Then this happened: My ticket is scanned and I walk into the venue. A program …

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The Unexpected Benefit of Tubeless Toilet Paper

For years the cardboard tube in the middle of a roll of toilet paper has confounded us. The empty tube has little use and is often discarded unless you are crafty or have kids. What do we do with it? Toilet paper manufacturers responded by creating tubeless toilet paper and advertise it as a way …

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Developing Your Eye: Day One – Home

A new segment begins today, which just happens to coincide with a WordPress class I am taking: Developing Your Eye. Photography is one of my hobbies, so I plan to have a little fun and bring you along. This segment is a series of ten photos, posted consecutively over the next several days. Each day, …

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House Cleaning or Cross Training

House Cleaning or Cross Training?

If you are a runner and have run a race or 50, you probably get all kinds of emails from the organizers of those races. I get a lot. Most of them I ignore unless I think I want to run the race again, but the other day, one caught my eye. I’m not sure …

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Leap Year, All Year

It’s Leap Year, All Year

The elusive 29th of February that only makes an appearance every four years made its way onto the calendar, as you may have noticed. I asked my faithful newsletter subscribers what they planned to do on this extra day, but after I sent the newsletter, another thought struck me. We have 366 days this year, …

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