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Is Jealousy a Wasted Emotion?

I recently read an article from The Minimalists, which I normally love, but one thing written in this article stuck with me. Joshua wrote, “Jealousy is a wasted emotion.” Reading these words makes me think of a poet I’ve seen a few times at poetry readings. There are no other words to describe my feelings […]

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Literature and Poetry Are Art

Literature and Poetry are Art

My students came to me with limited knowledge of literature. It wasn’t their field of study, but they needed a class like mine to graduate. They knew what they liked, and they loved to read, but they often didn’t know a metaphor from a simile or how to spot symbolism within the narrative. I didn’t

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Photo of Mary with the text: Weekend Chats: Mary Silwance

Weekend Chats: Mary Silwance

“She was born with the gift of being able to see sharply into the belly of the earth, and with that ability comes the responsibility to speak of what she sees, no matter the difficult truth of it. Her voice is startling in its resonance and depth. She loves the complexity of language and will

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Weekend Coffee Share: Let it snow!

People fall into three categories: I hate snow. I like snow if I don’t have to drive in it. I LOVE snow! I fall in the last category, which is perfect since the view over my computer screen is a picturesque view of snow covered woods. You may be of the I-like-it-if-don’t-have-to-drive variety, so I

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I’m too nice

I am too nice. I keep my opinions to myself. I smile and nod, You think I agree Though I may not. It’s called active listening, Perhaps you should try it. Too much talking; Not enough learning; Not enough understanding. So much, too much judgement. Where is our compassion? I have opinions, Several as a

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