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Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee: Strawberry Milkshake

Sitting in the corner, looking over the room, I feel pretty darn good. I am sweaty from a full day of volunteering in the hot sun. I am gritty from the dirt blown around in the wind. I am exhausted just thinking about the drive home. I feel good. Sounds silly to say I feel […]

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Explore Your City

Explore Your City

Yesterday I had the opportunity to explore an area of the city I have never been. It was an area I would normally avoid, but I didn’t find the run-down city streets I expected. Instead I found a very cute little area and realized I unjustly condemned this part of the city. I often comment

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Weekend Road Trip Part Two

Weekend Road Trip Part Two

I started this blog post similar to the first installment of Weekend Road Trip. I planned to provide you with another day of driving and cataloging our stops. I decided instead of continuing the saga of our weekend, I would share some thoughts that go beyond the stops. You may remember I mentioned Mom and

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Hannibal, Missouri

Weekend Road Trip

Planning the Trip Mom and I used to take road trips all the time. That is, we traveled to visit her mother, my grandmother, by road. We were always on a timeline to get to grandma’s house and our return trip was much the same. Even still, we had a good time traveling the roads

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