Picture of a coffee cup and notebook with the words Not Another Morning Routine

Not Another Morning Routine

Morning is my most productive time. It is when I get the most done and feel the most accomplished. But there are too many things I want to do in the mornings – write, exercise, journal – and I can’t do them all first thing. I have to choose what is the most important, and …

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Fitness Update

Fitness Update: Motivation

As I travel along on my fitness journey, I can’t help but think about what motivates me. I mean, I am far from the perfect fitness example. I don’t run every day and I don’t eat what is good for me all the time. Seriously, how can you go through summer without ice cream? So, …

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The Attack of the Fly

The Attack of the Fly

No, this isn’t the title of a sci-fi short story. This post is based on actual events. Here you will find a completely accurate and detailed account of what happened on the morning of June 16. Read at your own risk. It began like any other morning. My alarm went off and I hit snooze. …

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Stories of an Everyday Runner

Stories of an Everyday Runner: Time to Run

I must start this post with a warning: Do not try this at home! Now that we have that out of the way, let’s start the post. Finding time for a run is difficult sometimes. If I want to continue running and stay disciplined about it, I have to run most days, whether I want …

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Explore Your City

Explore Your City

Yesterday I had the opportunity to explore an area of the city I have never been. It was an area I would normally avoid, but I didn’t find the run-down city streets I expected. Instead I found a very cute little area and realized I unjustly condemned this part of the city. I often comment …

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