picture of ocean waves with the text: Are we giving away our self-worth

Are We Giving Away Our Self-worth?

Scrolling through social media, as one does when they are avoiding something, a post slid onto the screen that intrigued me and made me, once again, question the ways we give away our self-worth. A giant in the self-publishing market has recently begun beta testing the option for authors to create hardcovers of their books. …

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Picture of a coffee cup and notebook with the words Not Another Morning Routine

Not Another Morning Routine

Morning is my most productive time. It is when I get the most done and feel the most accomplished. But there are too many things I want to do in the mornings – write, exercise, journal – and I can’t do them all first thing. I have to choose what is the most important, and …

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Graphic that says: Find your niche or don't

Why I Don’t Want to Niche

Every single expert marketer will tell you to niche. Find something that you enjoy writing about and write about it, and only that, so you can become an expert in that area. It gives you more credibility and makes it easier for people to find you. I understand that logic, and I’ve seen it work. …

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Woman writing in a notebook instead of procrastinating.

Is the Formality of a Word Document Keeping You From Writing?

I used to attribute not wanting to write to procrastination. After all, I fought hard for the crown of Queen of Procrastination in college. Waiting until hours before the deadline to start writing most assignments. But procrastination always has a cause, and maybe the cause is the word document is too formal. A few weeks …

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Why I Block Tasks Not Time

Blocking time doesn’t work for me. Blocking tasks works better. One of the most common productivity hacks is blocking time. The act of blocking out time on your calendar for a specific task. You are making an appointment with yourself, so you are more likely to follow through. I’ve read this tip for how to …

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