Photo of a journal with a fountain pen ready for a writer

How I Learned I was a Writer

“It was a night like this one — the worst night of my life.” When I heard those words come out of my 5th grade teacher’s mouth, I was elated. They were my words. Words I wrote for a writing assignment. Words she selected to share with the class. The story was about a bear […]

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Photo of dark trees along a night sky

Night Forest in the Flint Hills

A short story The city melts away and large expanses of land fill my view as I speed down I-70 heading for a weekend in the Flint Hills. My library book rests on the passenger seat begging for me to open the cover to reveal the magic contained on the pages. Just me, a book,

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Photo of books with the words, "What is the value of a Book?"

What is the Value of a Book?

As a writer and as a reader, I have been struggling with something. What is the value of a book? Of course I would say books are priceless, but what are we really willing to pay? Let me set the scene… Browsing along the shelves of a stationary shop on a cold January day, I

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Picture of computer in the background and phone up close.

Stop Apologizing for Not Posting

I’m a writer, blogger, and poet, and I have a growing number of writers, bloggers, and poets in my circles, including on social media. Though you may not think it, there are a lot of word-based artists on the visual Instagram platform. I love reading the posts that go along with the images they provide. Many believe

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Photo of old French Text in the background with Your Story Matters written in bold.

Your Story Matters

An interviewee for a future “Weekend Chats” asked me a question before we began. She asked: What do you hope to achieve by doing these interviews? My response was, “Well, you clearly didn’t read my blog,” and I laughed, but I responded with: I want to help lift others up. I want to tell the

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