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DJSumLove Mixing some tunes

Weekend Chats: DJSumLove

“The basis of life is absolute freedom. The objective of life is absolute joy. The result of life is absolute growth.” ~Abraham Hicks If you hear boisterous laughter, you might be in the presence of Erin Bopp. Her bright smile and natural enthusiasm for life is contagious. A little bit Diva and a lot Hip […]

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Photo of Mary with the text: Weekend Chats: Mary Silwance

Weekend Chats: Mary Silwance

“She was born with the gift of being able to see sharply into the belly of the earth, and with that ability comes the responsibility to speak of what she sees, no matter the difficult truth of it. Her voice is startling in its resonance and depth. She loves the complexity of language and will

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Weekend Chats: Heart in the Hills

Weekend Chats: Heart in the Hills

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence. -Max Ehrmann from his poem Desiderata In the summer of 2009, amidst all the hustle of New York City, I met Amy. We were both there for a class, Broadway and Beyond. We spent seven days in the

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Liz in front of a Swiss inspired hotel in Costa Rica

Weekend Chats: Living the Expat Life

Many people meet their friends at work and that is where I met Liz. Interestingly, we didn’t really start getting to know each other until the last few months we worked together. It has been nearly five years since then, but we are still friends and in contact regularly. A fact a little surprising for

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Weekend Chats: Smyelin With Whit

Whitney and I met in 2005, long before either of us would start writing online and a few years before she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. For the first article in the series, “Weekend Chats,” I asked Whitney a few questions about her life now. What struck me most from her responses is her optimism.

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