Close up of the gears for a bicycle pedal with the words: When Hustle isn't Bad...

When Hustle isn’t Bad

I’ve been hustling a lot lately, being really productive. And I’ve gotten a lot done. Like a lot, a lot. I’ve crossed things off my to-do list. Attained a few goals. I am generally feeling good about all the things I’ve accomplished. I didn’t achieve the goals because I felt some sort of lack – …

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Picture of playground equipment with the words: The Search for Fun

The Search for Fun

I’ve been thinking about fun. I think about fun a lot, as in how to get more of it into my day.  For the past few years, I haven’t exactly prioritized fun. I do things that are fun here and there, sprinkled among the many days of work, work, work. And it is not that I …

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Picture of the breakwater wall I walked and formed the beginnings of a paranormal romance

Paranormal Romance Coming Early 2023

How it began I wasn’t dressed properly for the biting cold that met me on the breakwater wall. Close to the shore, it was bearable. As I walked the almost mile out into the water along the stone wall and no railing to keep me from falling into the water, the biting wind whipped at …

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photo of water nestled in the woods with the words: One Little Change Changed Everything

One Little Change Changed Everything

Like a lot of writers, creators, and entrepreneurs, I have a hard time with marketing. It isn’t because I don’t know “how.” I’ve studied marketing and all its trends for years starting in college when I got my business degree. I hate marketing. It is so exhausting! It feels manipulative and false. Marketers are all …

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picture of instagram logos on a pink background with the words: The Long and Short of Instagram Captions

The Long and Short of Instagram Captions

I read a lot about marketing because, like most of us, I am trying to figure out the best way to get myself out there. Get noticed. And seen. Even when being seen feels uncomfortable and scary. I used to hoard any article I could find, any class I could take (that was free or …

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