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picture of instagram logos on a pink background with the words: The Long and Short of Instagram Captions

The Long and Short of Instagram Captions

I read a lot about marketing because, like most of us, I am trying to figure out the best way to get myself out there. Get noticed. And seen. Even when being seen feels uncomfortable and scary. I used to hoard any article I could find, any class I could take (that was free or …

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Picture of notebook paper and pen with the words: 5 Words that cause me to cringe

Five Words that Cause Me to Cringe

As a self-proclaimed Word Nerd, I love words. I love them so much that I am learning them in another language. But there are a few words in the English language that I cringe when I hear them, or even worse, when I say them! I thought I would share them with you and ask …

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Picture of a small lake with the text: Going on an Artist Date...or Artist Adventure

Going on an Artist Date…or Adventure

Have you heard about an Artist Date? The time that Julia Cameron talks about in her book, The Artist’s Way, which allows creatives to reconnect with their inner artist. I thought about it when I went camping recently and I wonder if it could be more. Let’s chat about it.

Picture of a notebook and pen with the words: "Non Writing Books that Improve Writing" in blue

Five Non Writing Books That Improve Writing

I read a lot. Not surprising since I am a literature major and a writer, I suppose. However, it wasn’t until the last couple of years that I discovered the magic of non-fiction work. Now my reading time is divided almost evenly between fiction and non-fiction. I can’t get enough of reading about what other people have researched and lived.

Mindful about motivational quotes

Mindful About Motivational Quotes

“If you have time to scroll on social media, you have time to write.” I say, “No” to that. This quote and others like it often made me feel bad about spending my time on social media, mindlessly scrolling through the lives of others. Or sitting in front of the television watching whatever show was …

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