photo of water nestled in the woods with the words: One Little Change Changed Everything

One Little Change Changed Everything

Like a lot of writers, creators, and entrepreneurs, I have a hard time with marketing. It isn’t because I don’t know “how.” I’ve studied marketing and all its trends for years starting in college when I got my business degree. I hate marketing. It is so exhausting! It feels manipulative and false. Marketers are all …

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Picture of notebook paper and pen with the words: 5 Words that cause me to cringe

Five Words that Cause Me to Cringe

As a self-proclaimed Word Nerd, I love words. I love them so much that I am learning them in another language. But there are a few words in the English language that I cringe when I hear them, or even worse, when I say them! I thought I would share them with you and ask …

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Distorted photo of contact lens case with the words: Through the Lens written in blue.

Through the Lens

He sat outside her house watching. It was his job to find out information on the woman. Every bit of information gathered provided him with more money. The person who wanted this information was, shall we say, motivated. She was willing to pay top dollar for good information, but could also be counted on for …

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Picture of computer keyboard and coffee with the words: My New Approach to Social Media

My New Approach to Social Media

“She’s on a break. She needs a break!” (Do you know which movie this quote is from?) I didn’t set out to take a break. The break found me. I used to have all the socials on my phone. “All the socials” meaning Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the social-like search engine, Pinterest. Then years ago, …

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Picture of a small lake with the text: Going on an Artist Date...or Artist Adventure

Going on an Artist Date…or Adventure

Have you heard about an Artist Date? The time that Julia Cameron talks about in her book, The Artist’s Way, which allows creatives to reconnect with their inner artist. I thought about it when I went camping recently and I wonder if it could be more. Let’s chat about it.

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